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Something very special to me happened 50 years ago today. Fifty years ago today, I was married to my dear wife, Janet!  I find it hard to calculate: how could 50 years have flown by? As I said to Janet, it feels more like maybe 30 years to me.  She said, maybe even 25. 😊

But there’s no denying it…we are celebrating our Golden Anniversary today!  We laughed some about it.  I told her I don’t know what’s happened.  When we were growing up all the people I knew who were celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversaries were really, really old. We can’t be “really old!”  I guess that’s part of what growing older does to us.

Anyway, I mentioned all this because marrying my wife was one of the top two decisions I ever made. It has been a joy and a privilege to walk through life with such a special person. I love you, Janet!

Just a reminder about this Sunday: if you haven’t been baptized since trusting in Jesus as your Rescuer from sin and judgment—why not now??  On Sunday there will be two baptism classes (explaining what the Bible says about baptism and giving some insights into how baptism is practiced at Wildwood).  The Children’s class will be during the 11am hour in the downstairs theater room (the Lodge).  The Student/Adult class will be at noon (after our last worship service) in Room 5 downstairs in the main building. Lunch will be served at this class.  So, don’t procrastinate—let’s follow Jesus’ guideline to be baptized and publicly let others know that Jesus is your Savior!

Another cool aspect this Sunday will be the opportunity to meet Wildwood’s latest world outreach team members, Satya and Prasha Maharjan. You will want to see them and hear a short summary of the outreach that the Lord has called them to.

Finally, we will continue our series “Unpacking the Gospel” by opening up part #3, “Choosing to Embrace the Gospel.” In this message, we will be giving special opportunity for any who haven’t trusted in Jesus for forgiveness to do so (please be in prayer about that!).  Also, we will unpack the incredible truth that God has called each of us to serve as His personal ambassadors to our world.  This is exciting stuff!!

See you Sunday.


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