Here are several Bible Studies that I have either written or co-written over the past decade.  It is my prayer that they are useful for you in your personal spiritual life or ministry.  If you end up using any of these, please let me know!


Old Testament Heroes

Kingdom Come (A study of Kingdom related passages in the Gospels)

Vital Signs (A selective study of the Gospel of John)

Good News (A study of Romans 1-3)

Romans 1-8


The Galatians Letters, devotionals

Packed (A Study of Ephesians)

Every Believer (A Study of Colossians)

Roots (A Study of 2 Timothy)


True Grace (A Study of 1 Peter)


4 thoughts on “Bible Studies

  1. I have not written Anchored up as a Bible Study. You can listen to the sermon audio from that series by visiting and scrolling back through the messages to Summer 2012. The “Anchored” series was preached then. Thank you for your interest!

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