Hey Wildwood Family!

Go ahead.  Take a deep breath. Yes, it is true.
One quarter of the year of 2022 has already passed!  It never ceases to amaze me as I age—time just seems to speed up every year. It is an ongoing reminder for all of us to remember to “redeem the time” as Paul puts it in Ephesians 5:16. Some translations put it this way: making the most of your time; taking advantage of every opportunity; making the most of every living and breathing moment. A great reminder for each of us no matter our age!

Further evidence that time is marching on is that Sunday, April 10 is Palm Sunday, and, of course, Easter follows that.  You can check on Wildwood’s Easter schedule (including Good Friday services) by going to wildwoodchurch.org/easter.

There is some WCC church apparel available to order for a few more days.  You can check out the options at wildwoodchurch.org/shop. Also, Worship Pastor Greg Hill has team openings for drummers, guitarists, and a cellist.  If that’s a skill of yours, feel free to check with Greg to learn more (greghill@wildwoodchurch.org).

Also, remember the church green belt cleanup (in conjunction with OU and the city of Norman) tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-2 pm.  We’d love to see you and your family pitching in on the cleanup!

On Sunday we will conclude our Remember, Judgment is Coming series from 2 Peter chapter 3.  This week’s message is entitled, Final Perspective and we will be taking a close look at 3:14-18.  I encourage you to read the passage ahead of time. Pete’s conclusion to his second letter contains some pivotally important perspectives for each of us.

See you Sunday!


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