Hey Wildwood Family!

I was truly encouraged today.  I observed as some 150 middle school and high school students (along with 20+ leaders) climbed aboard four buses to head off for a week of Wildwood Students camp.  Many of the students I know well, many are less known to me. But as they excitedly hurried off to jump on the buses, I was thinking:  there goes much of the future of Wildwood.

God has been good to give us such a fine group of students.  Please be praying for them this week.  Pray for safety, for sure.  But also pray for the Spirit of God to touch and change young hearts this week.  Pray that God raises up guys and gals who will be spiritual difference makers in their generation.  James warned us:  You do not have because you do not ask (James 4:2). Let’s ask with some passion and vigor this week!!

Sunday we will continue with message #3 in our series from 2 Peter chapter one.  This week’s message covers 1:12-18 and is entitled: Be Strengthened!  Be sure to read the section over before Sunday.

As part of the message, I’m going to share some about my ‘life verse’ and how I came to choose it.  Plus, I will share what I suspect was Peter’s choice of a ‘life verse.’  I’m excited about Sunday and hope you are too!

See you Sunday!!


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