On Sunday, July 18, 2021, Teaching Pastor Bruce Hess’ message is “Be Encouraged!” for our sermon series “Be Diligent to Grow”. Below are some questions for your personal or group reflection.

1. As Bruce stated, while there is no Scriptural admonition for us to choose a ‘life verse,’ still some Jesus followers have done so.  If you have chosen a life theme verse, share what it is and why you have chosen it.  If you haven’t selected a ‘life verse’ for some reason,  what verse stands out to you as especially encouraging in your spiritual life?  Elaborate on why that is.

2. Bruce postulated that events and counsel from Jesus in Luke 22:31-34 and John 21:15-19 likely had significant long-term impact on Peter.  Imagine you are relating Peter’s experience to someone new to their faith.  How would you elaborate on the cause-and-effect impacts of those events on Peter’s life and ministry after Jesus’ ascension?

3. We often find ourselves thinking—Well, I’ve heard that verse before or I’ve heard teaching on that subject before.  Yet Peter goes out of his way to stress the spiritual importance of us being reminded of spiritual truth.  List several reasons why it is vital to be reminded of truth we “already know.”

4. Bruce quoted legendary basketball coach John Wooden’s “eight” laws of learning. Can you remember them?  What is unique about those “eight” laws?

5. Think of a biblical truth that might often slip from your everyday life focus.  What is the truth and why do you think it is so easy to lose practical focus on that truth?

6. In Philippians 3:1 Paul wrote that saying the same things again is a “safeguard for you.”  Why would that be true?

7. Several times Peter referred to leaving his ‘earth tent’ (vs. 13, 14) and having an ‘exodus’ from this world (vs. 15). What practical things can we learn for our life from what Peter is discussing?

8. The Bible says there are only two destinies in this world (see Matthew 7:13-14).  How confident are you about your future spiritual destiny? What have you done with Jesus?

9. Give God praise that our faith is not based on cleverly concocted fables but on rock solid historical facts.

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