On Sunday, February 28, 2021, Teaching Pastor Bruce Hess’ message is “Tough Times – Part 2”. Below are some questions for your personal or group reflection.

1. Bruce mentioned one of the key New Testament words for Tough Times was the term “thlipsis.”  It is a rather rich word used 45 times picturing being pressed in on, squeezed, or crushed.  Think about a tough time (maybe now) when you felt pressed in on, squeezed, or crushed by circumstances. Share some about why you felt (or feel) that way.

2. How was God’s sovereignty and providence displayed in Daniel 4:29-35 and in the story of Job?

3. Real out loud Isaiah 46:9-11.  What comfort and security in Tough Times can we experience when we pause to reflect on the fact that God is indeed “large and in charge?”

4. Bruce talked about how Scripture teaches that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8), the Lord is just (Psalm 37:28), and the Lord is loving (Psalm 136). What can we practically gain in the midst of Tough Times by refreshing our hearts with that perspective?

5. Read Psalm 13:1-6. How do verses 1-2 contrast with verses 5-6?  How do you think David was able to make that transition?

6. We are either in a Tough Time now or will be soon. If you’re not in the midst right now, think through those around you who may well be in the midst of a Tough Time.  How might God use you to help and encourage them?

7. God knows we are human.  So, as Bruce said, don’t crucify yourself when you experience times of doubt and struggle. We should do like the Psalmists did.  Take your struggle and frustration and discouragement to the Lord in prayer.  Do that right now.

Remember: His loving face is always facing you!!

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