On Wednesday night, March 3, at Wildwood Community Church, I began a 5 part survey of the book of Acts as a part of a course presented by TBI called “Acts: Contagious Christianity.”  In part 1, we introed the book of Acts, and looked at Acts 1-9.  These verses reminded us that after His resurrection and ascension, Jesus was ALIVE AND WELL and continuing to work through His Body, the Church.  Below you will see slides from the presentation and the YouTube stream of the class for any who missed it.  Join us next week (March 10) for part 2!


To watch the session video use YouTube online:

6 thoughts on “Acts: Contagious Christianity (part 1)

  1. It was good to be back in church again after watching from afar (Live Stream). Unfortunately, we will miss the next message on Acts. We are heading to Colorado to visit our son and his family, and hold a new grandson for the first time.

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