It is the second week of August, and for many of us, this is the start of a new year . . . a new school year, a new ministry year, a new season, etc.  Anytime you start something new, it is important to pause and consider our aim.  Where do we want to end up when this year is over?  Who will we follow to get there?

Jesus is called the Good Shepherd (John 10:11), the Great Shepherd (Hebrews 13:20), and the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4) in the New Testament.  This Sunday at Wildwood, I want to ask you a question . . . is the Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd also YOUR shepherd?  Is He the One you are following, listening to, and depending upon?  This is the most central question for each of us to answer.

In the Old Testament times, there was man named David who was King over Israel at a critical time.  But David’s life was not all royal parties and celebrations — he went through some very challenging stuff, walking through some very dark valleys.  Perhaps in the midst of one of these dark valleys he took up a pen and wrote a beautiful song that begins with the eternity altering words – “The LORD is MY shepherd.”  The rest of the lyric focuses on the blessing that comes when we follow the Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd.

Psalm 23 has been a chart topping song for 3,000 years.  This Sunday at Wildwood, we will look at this song (Psalm 23) together in our time of worship at 9:45 and 11:00.  As we remember the table He has set before us, we will conclude with a time of communion together.  Make plans to join us this Sunday . . . and bring your friends!

This year, let’s follow Jesus together to the glory of God.  See you Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Following our Shepherd

  1. Mark thank you for doing this series. Psalms 23 means so much to me. So many times people associate this psalm only with funerals. When actually, it is a beautiful picture of Jesus’s love and care for his people!!

  2. Thanks Sally! Looking forward to this message. Only one sermon on Psalm 23 at this time . . . but Greg and I were just talking about doing an extended series on the Psalms of David next year sometime

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