Hello Wildwood Family!

Wow.  It’s hot.  I just stepped back into the offices after taking a short walk around Wildwood’s outer campus on the sidewalk path.  The ground is cracked in many places.  According to several weather stations, the heat index at this moment is 109 degrees. Yikes.

While all that heat is blazing outside, the energy has been bursting inside as Pine Cove Camp in City has been popping.  We are thankful for the Pine Cove team and we pray that all the children who are attending not only have fun but that they would also grow deeper in their knowledge of Jesus.

This Sunday will be part 3 in the series Core Truth. The message title is “God Passionately Cares for You!”  Our text this week is what many have called “The Greatest Short Story Ever.”  It is the moving story of the Prodigal son from Luke 15:11-32.  Since the story covers so many verses, I’m encouraging everyone to read the story at least two times before Sunday.  The story alternates between a focus on the younger brother, to the father, to the elder brother.  You might remind yourself of the context of this parable by looking at Luke 15:1-10.

While Scripture tells us that God cares for and loves us, that truth takes on a different perspective in the drama of this story. The younger son represents those who, as Isaiah says, have gone astray like sheep, each has turned to his own way. The father represents God who passionately cares.  The elder brother is a picture of the Pharisees, those who are self-righteous, judgmental and arrogant, folks who resent that God reaches out in grace and mercy to those in need.  This is a great passage!

Several other key things are happening Sunday. It is small group Sunday—if you are interested in getting relationally connected, be sure to stop by the Fellowship Center at 11:00am.  Also, baptism classes will be held this Sunday.  For more info on that go to wildwoodchurch.org/baptism

See you Sunday!


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