Good morning friends.  We just got to talk to all three of the doctors who are attending to Kimberly’s kidney.  What we heard was good news.  Her new kidney is working wonderfully!  All her bloodwork is now in normal ranges just three days after transplant.  This is a major praise.

Additionally, they think the extra pain that she is feeling has to do with the extra blood that has pooled behind her new kidney due to the internal bleeding on Tuesday morning.  Sometime today they will send her down to a special radiology department who will use an ultrasound aided process to drain the extra blood/fluid.  Hopefully this will help Kimberly feel much better.  The doctors were otherwise upbeat and positive.  We are continuing to head in the right direction!

The doctors also told us that Angie would be released from the hospital today, so that his also something to thank God for.  She will stay in the area with her mom as her nurse for a while as she continues to recover.

Thanks for all your continued prayers.  I will update more as the day goes along and we know more.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “9:15 AM Update (8/2/12)

  1. We are so happy to hear about all the good, positive news, Robinson Family! Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

  2. Praise be to our wonderful healer God! So excited to hear this news! 😀

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