A box containing supplies for the new trach.

Today has been an interesting day to say the least.  As I wrote earlier, the news this morning concerning Kimberly’s kidney function was quite positive.  The rest of the day, however, was a mixed bag.  For the most part, medical news was positive, but the day was long and tiring.  We had a parade of people training us throughout the day for what life will be like after transplant.  This was encouraging, tiring, and most everything in between.  I think the emotion of the last few days finally caught up with us today . . . After all that, however, the day ended with a very positive thing: Kimberly’s ENT was able to downsize her trach and put a cap on it, so she can now talk!  It was truly awesome to hear her voice.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Thanks for praying for us today!

Angie was released from the hospital about an hour ago.  She will be resting up in the area for the next several days.  Continue to pray for quick recovery and no complications.

Tomorrow afternoon they are going to do an ultrasound guided “aspiration” to clean the excess blood out of Kimberly’s abdomen from the earlier bleed.  They think this will help with the pain.

Again, thanks for all the support, prayers, and love you have shown us.  We so appreciate it.  More later.

3 thoughts on “5:15 PM Update (8/2/12)

  1. Thanks for the good news. Would be glad to know what the hardest parts of life after transplant will be. We keep praying.

  2. Continued prayers for God’s healing hands on both women. Prayers for your precious family back together again soon.

  3. I am so gald to here all is going so well and may it continue and know that there are so many praying for all of you

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