Kimberly’s prayer quillt

Two days before Kimberly and Angie came to the hospital for the kidney transplant, they were presented a gift by Linda Befort, a long-time friend of the family.  Linda’s prayer group at church had quilted together blankets for Kimberly and Angie while they prayed for them.  The backs of the quilts are covered in Bible verses written out by hand.  In a very real way, the girls were to be covered in prayer and surrounded by God’s promises as they recovered from surgery.  The quilt is a great reminder of those realities.

As we have lived through the past few days, we have been so blessed to have been surrounded by so many prayers and reminders of God’s Word.  So many people, connected by a web that is truly world wide, have joined together to lift this situation up before the Lord.  Literally thousands of people have been praying for this event in many states, and even many countries around the world.  Not only have we had a physical quilt to keep us warm inside the air-conditioned spaces of the hospital, but we have also had a patchwork of friends from every phase of our lives bringing us regularly before His throne of grace.  We have felt those prayers, and are deeply encouraged by each of you.  Like the fabric squares that make up a quilt, many of you reading this never knew you would end up connected in purpose and voice with so many others trusting God for something together.  It has been beautiful and wonderful to be covered by you this week.

Thanks so much for standing in the gap with us.  God is so, so good, and He is hearing your prayers and answering them here in big, small, and meaningful ways.  Thanks for allowing our pain to stitch you together for something noble and necessary.

We do not take your time for granted and are humbled and blessed by the attention you have shown us.  Let’s keep trusting God together!

On a practical note, we have not heard back from the CT scan yet . . . we hope to hear back from the docs in the morning.  Thanks for continuing to pray with us on that.  One good thing, though, is that Kimberly has been moved up to the “Kidney Transplant Floor” and out of ICU.  This is progress!  I’ll update more tomorrow as I hear things.  Thank you all so much.  We love you, and are honored to be covered by you this week.


3 thoughts on “Covered in Prayer

  1. Happy to be able to add one more small prayer to the great weight of petitions before God in your behalf.

  2. So excited to hear you are out of ICU! Thank you for allowing us to join you in prayer and praise!

  3. Your days must feel so LONG! Before we go to sleep we will pray for continued progress, comfort, healing and rest. We are eager to hear the CT scan results and we’re happy Angie is doing well.

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