Hey Wildwood Family!

Welcome to November!  This is a busy week around the Hess house.  My wife and daughters (along with some other friends) are having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday.  That means a whole bunch of organizing and hopefully a significant departure of some good stuff that we no longer need to steward.😉

This weekend is extra special in that our daughter Jennifer and husband Zac (plus Summer and Max) will be in town for a couple of days from their church planting ministry in Mexico (hard to believe they’ve already served there for eight years).  They have spent this week in Kansas City attending a conference with their mission organization Avant.  It will be a brief stay, but one we are looking forward to very much.

This also will be a special Sunday at Wildwood for at least two reasons.  First, we are having a baby dedication with nine families dedicating their children to the Lord.  This is an opportunity for us as a church family to join the couples (each couple has composed a unique prayer for their child which will be in the bulletin) in praying with them that God would be at work early in their child’s life.  Exciting!

Second, this Sunday we will be launching the toy collection for the Mission Norman Christmas Shoppe.  Mission Norman and Wildwood are aiming to give a warm Christmas to some 600 underprivileged children in the Norman area as we did last year.  We need everyone’s involvement to make this happen!  Check out the video during the worship services and/or go to wildwoodchurch.org/missionnorman for all the details. We love sharing both the Gospel and blessings with those in our community!

Sunday is part #4 in our series, The Power of Love. We have the privilege of further unpacking 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, a section of Scripture many consider one the high points of the New Testament.  Come, let’s study 1 Corinthians 13 together…and let it study us!

See you Sunday!


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