Hey Wildwood Family!

What a week it has been in the news on both on the international and national levels. The terrorist attack on innocent folks in Israel was gruesome and dismaying. The following protests and demonstrations around the globe underscore the truth that Israel will continue to be a center of attention in the world right up to the glorious return of our Great Savior.

Due to events, Wildwood’s leadership was moved to donate $1000 to the Joshua Fund both for relief efforts in Israel  and for sharing the truth of God’s Word in the region [note: you can go to joshuafund.com if you would like to donate individually].  As Psalm 122:6 directs, we pray for peace in Jerusalem (Israel). No need though for outright panic, our Sovereign King still rules from His throne (see Psalm 2).

With all the fighting and killing of civilians on both sides, especially women and children, please pray for the power of the Gospel to be unleashed both in Israel and in the Palestinian lands.  Jesus is still calling men, women, and children to himself!

By the way, if you have thought about going on the Father-Son campout beginning Friday, October 27, please sign up by this weekend (go to wildwoodchurch.org/campouts).  They plan to buy the food on Monday!

On another subject, if you would desire to have our Elders personally pray for you, many of our Elders will be available at the church facility this coming Wednesday, October 25, from 6:00 pm-6:30 pm.  Feel free to come by for prayer.

On Sunday we will continue our series The Power of Love (1 Corinthians 13:1-7) by starting to look at the character/anatomy of love biblically.  There’s plenty of foggy, fuzzy thinking about love in our culture. As we will see, part of the issue in the imprecision of the English language.  How can we love others if we don’t understand what love is!

You won’t want to miss this Sunday!

See you then.


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