Hey Wildwood Family!

It truly has been hot in recent days, but not as hot as some places in our nation. Recent days in the Big Bend National Park area of Texas the temperature reached 119 degrees, hotter than Death Valley. The “real feel” temperature was even higher. Yikes! Suddenly our recent high temperature of 99 degrees seems much more reasonable.  At the Hess house we needed an extra shot of freon to keep our upstairs AC unit functioning well.

It was a wonderful treat on Wednesday night to attend the free Wildwood gathering at the Westwood Family Aquatic Center.  Some 420 folks came out.  I truly enjoyed drifting along in the lazy river for about 90 minutes, some of that time alongside my granddaughter Summer.  She’s a delight! Thanks to WCC’s Children’s and Student ministries for sponsoring a fun evening for families.

Just a reminder, this Sunday (yes, it is the 2nd of July) is an ‘All-In Sunday’ at Wildwood. We are giving our children’s ministry, our student ministry, and our adult ministry a break.  There will be no children’s, student, or adult classes.  Bring the whole family and join us at 8:30, 9:45 or 11:00am.

We will be concluding our series entitled Unpacking the Gospel as we focus on “Celebrating the Cross.” We will have the privilege of diving into Psalm 103, one of the top five best known Psalms. It is an amazing song of praise.

We understand that there was a snafu of sorts on Sunday and some were unable to pick up a bulletin that contained the handout on bringing folks One Step Closer to Christ and the Connection Points sheet with helps for connecting with others.  We will have plenty of copies available on Sunday at the Welcome Desk if you missed receiving one.

See you Sunday!!


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