Hey Wildwood Family!

A word of congratulations to the OU Softball team for dominating and winning their third consecutive national championship—three in a row after the canceled Covid year!  I have been impressed with the spiritual heart of many of the players.  Check my Facebook page for a link to a press conference where some of the players spoke of Jesus’ key role for them on the team.

I’m writing this on Thursday.  It appears there will be some strong, strong weather in central Oklahoma tonight.  We pray that you and yours are spared any significant damage.  You can never let your guard down when living in our great state!

Sunday we will move into part #2 of our sermon series entitled, ‘Unpacking the Gospel.’  The message focus this week is on God’s Work at the Cross.  What glorious truth we will be wading into this Sunday…remembering and celebrating how Jesus came to rescue us out of our spiritual dilemma, from which we were powerless to extricate ourselves…a chance to celebrate His mercy and grace. I’m looking forward to it!

See you Sunday,


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