Last week I mentioned that my family went to Washington DC over the summer for vacation.  We saw all the usual sites in DC for the majority of our trip, but one day, we went to one of Washington DC’s newest attractions celebrating one of the oldest documents on earth – the Museum of the Bible.

First of all, let me strongly encourage any of you who visit Washington to tour this museum.  It is a wonderful experience.  Having gone to Israel and seen many ancient manuscripts before, I was skeptical that this museum would be all that unique.  However, I was way wrong.  The museum is not just a collection of old scrolls reminding us of the EXISTENCE of the Bible (though there is some of that) … this is a half-billion dollar building celebrating the IMPACT of the MESSAGE of the Bible on the United States and the world.  Many high tech exhibits bring this story to life.

I mention this today, to highlight one specific exhibit in the museum … a large dynamic exhibit on the YouVersion Bible App.  This app has been downloaded over 500 million times around the world, and is a big way many people are accessing the Word of God today.  In this exhibit, there is a large interactive display showing the most searched terms in the Bible app among the HALF A BILLION users of the YouVersion App in the world today.  Looking over the stats, I saw something interesting:  the THIRD MOST SEARCHED term in the Bible app was “Apocalypse.”  

Apparently, the people of this world are wondering how this ride is going to end … AND they are looking to the Scripture to find the answer.

AND … God has provided that answer.

In Revelation 19-22, the last book of the New Testament concludes with a vivid picture of where everything is headed.  The picture is not of clouds, harps, and halos, but of something much more dramatic.  A Kingdom … and  New Heaven and Earth … where King Jesus is dwelling with His people.  

If you have anything in common with the half a billion YouVersion users, you need search no further.  Come to Wildwood Community Church the next nine weeks as we see where the universe is headed, and learn to trust more and more the One who is driving us there.

This Sunday, we will be in week #1 of our series, “Lord of the New Heaven and Earth” looking at Revelation 19:1-10 in our 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 services.  Make plans to be there … and bring friends!

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