Hey Wildwood Family!

We hope you got some rain in the last 24 hours. Isn’t it amazing how attractive rain can be when we haven’t had any for a long, long period of overly hot weeks? Some of us just wanted to walk in the rain for fun.

I was just praising God for such a wonderful, generous church family. Your faithfulness in consistently investing in the ministries of Wildwood encourages me and certainly also pleases your Heavenly Father.

If you haven’t ever done it (or haven’t done it recently), I encourage to take a stroll on the lower-level hallway (just under the offices) that contains the pictures of 36 folks on our outreach teams, people who we regularly support financially. Part of what you give every week goes to support those fine and faithful team members. That hallway contains a 2-part wonderful wooden map of the world. It is worth seeing.

Sunday we will conclude our series on Divinely Designed to Serve. This final session we will be looking carefully at how our life experiences are part of what God uses to S.H.A.P.E. us to serve others. The content of this message will be very encouraging to most all of us!

Get ready. The first Sunday of August is Baptism Sunday! It is always enjoyable to celebrate with others their public statement of having trusted in Jesus Christ as their Rescuer from sin and judgment. Those are special Sundays for our church family.

See you THIS Sunday!


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