Hey Wildwood Family!

The weather the past few days reminded me of a movie song from the 80’s, entitled, The Heat is On. The chorus is simple
The heat is on, the heat is on
The heat is on
Oh it’s on the street The heat is… on
Yep. Pretty much describes the past week in Norman America. I pray you’ve been able to stay cool!

I’m very excited to move into message #2 in our July series on Divinely Designed to Serve. After week one I pray many of you were spiritually refreshed by being reminded that we are God’s workmanship, His handiwork, His masterpiece. We are investigating the question: How did He S-H-A-P-E us to serve Him and others?

This Sunday we will continue the S-H-A-P-E acrostic by delving deeper into the subject of spiritual gifts. I think you will find the message highly informative and helpful. We also will share how you can take our Spiritual Gift Indicator profile to gain insight to your spiritual gifts.

Stay cool and see you Sunday!


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