Hey Wildwood Family!

If you’ve ever been to my house, you would know that we have two large trees in the front yard (one a maple and the other a sycamore)—both of which are some 45 or more years old.  Because they cast such looming shade, I have discovered that I can only grow fescue grass in my yard.

What that means is that every spring I have to “overseed” my yard—plant fresh fescue seed to help additional sprouts to form since fescue doesn’t spread like bermuda grass does. I look for a time when the weather is warming enough for the seed to sprout, but well before the weather turns hot.

As I was doing that this week, I was thinking about how we have the privilege of planting seed in people’s lives…the seed of His truth, the seed of our testimony, and the seed of the gospel message. Funny thing about planting seed, sometimes life is so busy we might forget to even do it. On the other hand, we might not even be looking for a good opportunity to plant seed.  Here’s a spring thought:  pray for God to alert you to good opportunities to share God’s Truth with a neighbor, friend, co-worker, fellow student, or family member.

Part of our assignment is to sow seeds.  God through the Spirit is the one who can germinate that seed, water it, and cause growth to happen (see 1 Corinthians 3:5-7). So, let’s be looking for—asking God for—opportunities to share a word of testimony with those in our world.  It is always exciting to see what grows from planting seed!

Here’s a timely heads up—please pray for Wildwood’s College Life spring retreat tomorrow, this Saturday. Pray for unity among the students and that the Lord might give them a special time before Him and to reflect on how they can be used to further reach the OU campus. We LOVE our college students!

This Sunday we will continue our series from 2 Peter 3 entitled, Remember-Judgment is Coming.  This week we will delve into 3:10-13…some startling verses.  Be sure to read them before Sunday.  I’ve entitled the message, The End Ahead.


See you Sunday!!


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