Did you know that Jesus wrote letters? Letters that we actually still have? Letters that were written in interaction with 7 different real world churches that detailed what was going well and what they were doing wrong; that reminded the churches of who Jesus was, and what He was promising to them; and laid out specific prescriptions for action or response tailored to their particular situation?
Jesus actually wrote letters like this … and we have them, in Revelation 2-3. After John sees Jesus in all of His glory in Revelation 1, Jesus immediately has John pick up a pen and write down specific dictation about 7 churches that John either pastored personally, or knew something about.
So, when we look at Revelation 2-3, we find out a LOT about what Jesus loves AND hates about what is happening in His churches. In our day and age, millions of people tune into podcasts to hear of the failures of different churches, while others find sport in watching YouTube explanations of all the churches who are getting it wrong. Therefore, I am guessing that our curiosity is certainly peaked to find out what JESUS HIMSELF thinks about HIS church! After all, Jesus both knows EXACTLY what IS going on and EXACTLY what SHOULD BE going on inside His church. And He thought enough about His church to send them a letter to let them know what was up.
AND (and here is the real kicker) … these messages were not just for those 7 churches, but are for you and I as well! Jesus concluded each of the letters with the statement, “He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” So, if you are curious what Jesus thinks about the church, then your spiritual ears are raised … and you should read Revelation 2-3!
Over the next seven weeks at Wildwood Community Church, we will be looking at these letters Jesus sends to the seven churches in parts 3-8 of our “Lord of the Church” series. This Sunday (in part 3), we will be looking at Revelation 2:1-7, and the letter Jesus wrote to the church in Ephesus. There is SO MUCH IMPORTANT STUFF for us to see in this letter. Read it before you come, and make plans to join us on Sunday … at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 in person, or at 9:45 on the livestream. See you there … all who have ears to hear.

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