Hey Wildwood Family!

What was that sound?  Could it have been T-H-U-N- D-E-R?  Yes, it was!  What a welcome, wonderful sound.  It has been a dry-dry September.  Finally, some precipitation.  We are ready, Lord, for some significant moisture.  Please, bless us!

Anyone already tired of seeing Halloween displays?  Some in my neighborhood have had theirs up for weeks.  The stores, some since July.  Really? Time moves fast enough by itself, right?

This Sunday afternoon will be the Wildwood Church Picnic at our facility from 5pm – 7pm. The weather looks to be fabulous. Come!  There will be live music, $5 food trucks, fun for the kids, etc.  A great time for all ages to gather and fellowship together.  It will also be an opportunity to meet some of our local outreach partners.  Sounds fun to me!

On Sunday we will continue our series entitled, Be Aware! as we dive into 2 Peter 2:3-16.  This is a long passage, so I encourage everyone to read it before Sunday.

Have you ever wondered:  what motivates false teachers?  Well, the New Testament gives us at least three difference motivations—can you name them?  Come and found out on Sunday as we present a message entitled, “The inevitability of Judgment.”  I look forward to gathering around God’s Word together.

See you Sunday!


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