Hey Wildwood Family!

Anybody out there enjoy our recent temperature dip into the 50s?  I gotta admit I love the seasonal changes we experience in Norman.  My wife Janet is somewhat sad to see fall come each year because she truly loves being able to be in the swimming pool…when younger she even did synchronized swimming!  I don’t blame her. But, alas, fall marches on.

Pastor Mark has done a wonderful job of walking us through the book of Galatians these last number of months.  My appreciation for Galatians went up!

This Sunday we will be launching a three part series from 2 Peter chapter 2 which I’ve entitled, Be Aware!. Very few would identify 2 Peter 2 as their favorite chapter because of all the discussion of false teaching and future judgment.  On the other hand, it is intriguing to think that Peter—as he was soon anticipating leaving this life—took significant time to warn us of a danger that is often out of our everyday awareness.

Sunday’s message is entitled, “The Reality of Danger. “  As part of the message we will look at a present-day example of false teaching as we examine the Secular Social Justice Worldview against a biblical backdrop.  You can’t miss this!

A reminder: our church picnic is on the horizon, coming up a week from Sunday on October the 3rd  at Wildwood from 5-7 pm. The picnic is for all ages and should be a fun time to gather together outside.  I miss gathering together!  Details are in the newsletter and the bulletin.

See you Sunday!


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