Have you seen the “hotels.com” commercials?  You know the ones with their spokesperson Captain Obvious?  He makes very plain comments about vacation planning … things so obvious, no one should have to say it … but he does anyway.  After making those declarations, some other person in the commercial responds – “Thanks Captain Obvious!”

Well, this week’s Sunday could be one of those commercials.

This Sunday’s message:

“Christians should help other people.”

Hearing this, someone, somewhere will be shouting out:  


But before you stay home to watch a sermon from a different church with a much more complicated sermon … let me ask you a few questions.

  • If we are to help people HOW do we help them?  Sure we can think of SOME ways we are to help, but are we thinking of helping in ALL the ways Jesus calls us to help?
  • Are there some people who are the “helpers” while others are the “helped” or is it more complicated that that?  After all, in our culture, strangely, people are being put in castes (of sorts).  If you are one in need of “help” you will always be in need of “help” and you bear no responsibility.  If you are able to be a “helper” you always must be a “helper” and you can never do too much.  Does this modern concept jive with what Jesus says in best?

These questions (and answers) maybe are not quite so obvious.  But we need to know what God thinks about these questions!  This Sunday, we will look to unpack the statement “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” as we look at Galatians 6:1-5 in part 1 of our new series “The New Love” at Wildwood Community Church.  Hope you can join us in our 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 service (or online in the stream during the 9:45 hour CDT click here to access)  Make plans to be there … and bring friends.  

Not to be too obvious … but I’d love to worship with you on Sunday, September 5.

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