Hey Wildwood Family!

Well, give me your honest response.  Has the Aedus Aegypti population been antagonizing you??…literally getting under your skin? Well, what say ye? They certainly have been hassling us around Hessville!

Yep, the mosquitos (Spanish for little fly) have been nearly blocking out the Sun around the Hess home.  Even after significant attempts to “stem the tide” they keep coming in multiple waves. Is this veritable winged army out to imitate the vastness of the Chinese military ranks? What we need is some good ole Oklahoma heat to dry out their lairs. Lord, bring on the summer soon!

After a fun All-in Sunday on July 4th, we will be returning to our regular schedule this Sunday with all children’s, student’s, and adult classes meeting at their respective hours.  We will also return to our July study which we launched the last Sunday of June (confusing, huh?) entitled: Be Diligent to Grow from 2 Peter chapter one.

Sunday we will dive into 2 Peter 1:5-11 (after a quick re-orientation to chapter 1).  I encourage you to read the passage before Sunday.  The message title is : “Born to Grow!” Peter will be underscoring that Christian growth will not occur apart from our diligent participation in the process.

The above truth is one that I didn’t grasp for quite a while.  I spent eight years remaining a spiritual baby after my spiritual new birth.  That isn’t normal!!  Maybe some of you had a similar experience or had some longer stretches where there was little to no spiritual growth.  Peter doesn’t want any of us to experience that!  Come and learn more. Let’s grow together!

See you Sunday!


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