Hey Wildwood Family!

Wow.  What a surprise and shock to see on the news the collapse of the 12-story condo in Miami, FL. At least one person at Wildwood has a friend who lived there.  Please pray for all the families who have missing members yet to be accounted for. Pray too that a reminder like this of the fragileness of life would make people think more deeply about life, eternity, and Jesus.

Have you ever felt spiritually inferior, maybe like a 2nd class Christian?  Have you ever found yourself thinking: Maybe I need “something more?” Maybe I need some sort of greater spiritual experience or some kind of additional blessing of the Spirit?  If you emotionally feel, or have felt, spiritually impoverished or inferior then this Sunday’s message will be an encouragement!

On Sunday (yes, I know it is still June) we will be launching a July sermon series entitled, Be Diligent to Grow from 2 Peter chapter 1.  Sunday’s message is entitled, Something More?? We will be mining 2 Peter 1:1-4. I will be sharing some exciting truth that has played a key part in my personal spiritual walk.

Also, on Sunday we will hold our baptism classes at 9 am hour.  The Children’s class will be in the downstairs Children’s theater, and the Student/College/Adult class will be in Room 4 downstairs.  Come to learn more about what the Bible says about baptism!

One final note:  next Sunday July 4 will be an “All-in” Sunday for our three services.  There will be no Adult, Student or Children’s classes (nor will nursery be available).  I will be bringing a special message that Sunday appropriate for all ages.

See you Sunday!


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