I am a big University of Oklahoma fan.  I may not have been Sooner born or Sooner bred … but I am pretty sure when I die I’ll be a Sooner dead.  At this point in my life – cut me, and I’ll bleed crimson and cream.

When I have the opportunity, I love going to OU sporting events … and nothing has as much pomp and circumstance as a home football game.  The stadium … the team … the schooner … all contribute to a nostalgic celebration of my college years.

One thing I love about home games is the OU band – the PRIDE OF OKLAHOMA.  I love it when they run out onto the field, play the same set of songs for the pregame, and march across the field in the giant “O” formation!

As a longtime Pastor in Norman, I have known a number of students over the years who have participated in the Pride.  Every time I know a member of the band, I always look for them during their on field performances.  But in all my years, you know how often I found a band member I was looking for?  Exactly zero times. 

And that is by design. 

Not by MY design, but by the band’s design. 

All members of the Pride wear the same uniform.  From a distance, they all look the same.  To be clear, there are differences between the band members.  Some play one instrument, others play another.  Some are freshmen, others are seniors.  Some are men, others are women.  But in their uniform, they all receive the same reception and ovation, and are individually somewhat indistinguishable.

I say this today, because Sunday at Wildwood Community Church in our Sunday morning services, the sermon will focus on Galatians 3:25-29.  This message is part 4 of the “New Way” sermon series.  This week we will see that all Christians have “put on” a particular uniform.  This uniform (by God’s design) cloaks all of us in the identity of an adult child of God.  And with this identity comes an amazing reception before our Heavenly Father.

Join us this Sunday at 9:00, 10:15 or 11:30 as we cover our differences under the uniform blessing of God in Christ Jesus.  See you then … and bring friends!


NOTE:  You can watch the service online beginning at 10:15 AM CDT May 30, 2021 at wildwoodchurch.org/live 


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