“I promise.”

How powerful is that statement?  Well, it depends on who says it.

In each political cycle, candidates promise lots of things.  After years of disappointment at the results those promises have produced, many people stop taking political promises seriously.

In families where abuse or neglect have dominated, the empty promises of parents fail to elicit comfort.  People protect themselves from getting their hopes up in response to good intentions that may not materialize.

However, when the promise comes inside the context of a loving relationship and given by a responsible party, the words “I promise” mean the world!

When a wife with a healthy relationship with her husband promises to take care of something, the husband rests easy.  When a coach with a good relationship with his players promises playing time in the next game to a player, the player enters the next game ready to go.  

In short, the power of the promise depends on the person giving it … and how reliable they are.

This Sunday at Wildwood Community Church, we will be in part 2 of “The New Way” sermon series where we will be looking at Galatians 3:15-18.  In these four verses, the Apostle Paul uses the word “promise” four times to encourage us related to our salvation and growth in our spiritual lives.  Our spiritual present AND future hinge on a promise.  Should that encourage us?  I think so.  After all, the promise comes from God Himself – and He is faithful!  But here is something even more profound:  the promise regarding our spiritual lives is actually made from God the Father to God the Son!  My hope for eternity and power for growth today are anchored in a promise made from God to God.  Whoa. 

What does that mean?  Where is it anchored in Scripture?  Join us Sunday in our 9:00, 10:15, and 11:30 service as we take a look at this concept inside of God’s Word.  Hope to see you there!

It will be worth your time.  I promise.

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