Who someone is really matters . . . doesn’t it?  Just think of the past two weeks.  

  • Our Mayor or Governor issue instructions about the freedom of our movements and we listen to them.  Why?  Because of who they are, their words are both binding and influential.  We trust the wisdom they have because they have information and perspective we need.
  • The CDC tell us to “wash our hands” and “stop touching our face” and “stay at least 6 feet from each other” . . . and we do it.  Why?  Because of who they are.  There is science behind their recommendations.
  • The Superintendent of schools cancels classes, so we don’t show up.  Why?  Because of who he is.  He has the authority and power to make such a decision.

So, we are reminded again and again that who someone is really matters.  Now, let’s take this principle and apply it to our spiritual lives.  

Should we trust Jesus with our souls for all time?  Well, it all depends on who Jesus is.  If He is the Son of God who has existed forever . . . then YES!  we should entrust our souls to Him.  However, if Jesus were just some middle-eastern rabbi from two millennia ago, then we should not trust Him with something so important.  It matters who He is.

Should we trust Jesus as the Lord of our lives . . . obeying His commands and following His lead?  Well, it all depends on who Jesus is.  If He is the author of life and the creator of all things . . . then YES!  we should obey and follow Him.  However, if Jesus is just a moral man who lived a decent life as a “nice guy” we should not always obey Him because He could be wrong.  It matters who He is.

In this week’s sermon (part 6 of our “Defeating Death” sermon series) at Wildwood Community Church, we will look at two trials Jesus went through on the morning of His crucifixion as recorded in Matthew 26:57-68 and 27:1-2; 11-26.  In these two trials, the conversation shifts from what Jesus had done to WHO HE IS.  Sadly Pilate and Caiaphas never understood, but we might learn from their interactions who Jesus really is, so that we might entrust our souls to Him and follow Him forever.  “See you” Sunday in our 11AM Livestream as we unpack these passages together.  Looking forward to the time, and invite your friends to tune in with you at wildwoodchurch.org/live

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