Hello Wildwood Family!

Well, did your winter coat smell dusty or have an odd mothball fragrance?  I ask because I know we all grabbed our winter coats from the back of the closet to warm ourselves as the temps dipped into single digit wind-chill levels this week.  Brrr.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we had a pile of snow to frolic in!

Be sure to be praying for our nation and leaders as an impeachment investigation is under way.  Pray for truth to be heard and for justice and unity in our country.

Christmas is coming at us like a snowball rolling down a big hill. Please plan to help with our church decorations a week from Sunday (November 24) right after church.  Pizza and drinks will be served for all workers.  Please let Rebekah Key know if you and/or your family can lend a hand or two ( rebekahkey@wildwoodchurch.org )

Also, we have a wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of the disadvantaged in Norman through the Mission Norman Christmas Shoppe. Opportunities include purchasing or funding gifts and volunteering in multiple ways.  To learn more, to sign up, or to volunteer check our website at wildwoodchurch.org/missionnorman.

Sunday we will conclude our Providence series on the Book of Esther by looking at chapters 8-10 (please read those chapters before Sunday) in a message entitled, “Remarkable Reversal.”  We will also address several common reactions people tend to have to the concept of God’s everyday providence.


See you Sunday!


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