Hello Wildwood Family!

Well, we’ve had our first taste of fall—what do you think? Are you ready for cooler temperatures and some shifts in what clothing you wear? One of the things I love about Oklahoma is that we get to experience four seasons. It’s fun for me! Hope it is for you too!

Time travel has been a theme of movies for a few decades now, especially going BACK in time. No doubt you have a favorite movie that features time travel into the past. Well, this Sunday we are launching a new teaching series that features us traveling back in time 2500 years. Back to the time of Queen Esther in the Medo-Persian empire. Yes, we are beginning a study of the book of Esther from the Old Testament.

I’ve entitled this series Providence: Insights from the Book of Esther. The Bible clearly sets forth God’s providence in all that happens in the world. Esther is a book that demonstrates how His providence is active in everyday life. You might want to read it. Hope you enjoy the series. I’m excited!!

Just a heads up…if you’ve never been baptized since trusting Christ as your Savior, baptism classes are being held a week from Sunday on October 27. More info will be in the bulletin this Sunday or you can go to wildwoodchurch.org/baptism to learn more.

So excited for Sunday! Hope to see you then!


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