Art by Megan Corbly
Art by Megan Corbly

Read: Mark 16:1-8

Death is the great equalizer.  No matter where you are born, no matter how much money you have (or don’t have), no matter what language you speak, no matter how healthy you are today . . . ALL will taste death.  The two common denominators for all of humanity are (1) being made in the image of God.  (2) we will all die.  These are two realities we have to deal with.  The ironic thing is that at some level BOTH of these commonalities scare most people to death. Our fear shows up in our questions:

Who is God?  Can I have a relationship with Him?

How do I avoid death?  AND, what happens to me after I die?

These questions keep many up late at night.  BUT, at the resurrection of Christ, BOTH QUESTIONS are answered . . . for all people!  Jesus is God, so He can be known . . . and further He WANTS to be known.  Jesus also triumphed over the grave, showing us the way to eternal life.  The resurrection is the historical event that answers some of our deepest fears.  Because of that it is somewhat ironic that in Mark 16:8, the author tells us that the disciples first emotion related to the resurrection was fear.  However, empty tombs can do that to people initially.  Eventually, though, empty tombs fill our hearts with hope and life and (most importantly) . . . JESUS Himself!

Question of the Day:  What are the biggest fears you have in life?  Is death one of them?  How does the resurrection of Jesus answer our fears concerning death?

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