Art by Mikayla Bradley
Art by Mikayla Bradley

Read:  Mark 15:42-47

Rather than allowing Jesus’ body to hang dead upon the cross for several days, Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for permission to bury Jesus in a nearby tomb.  Pilate granted this permission and Jesus’ body was buried by Joseph.  In the process a Roman centurion, Joseph, and Mary Magdalene and another Mary all were able to see and confirm the fact that Jesus really died.  This is important.  Jesus did not just pass out or fall asleep.  He died and was buried.  The picture of Christ’s burial is echoed in Romans 6:3-4 as the Apostle Paul reminds us that all of us who have placed our faith in Christ identified with Jesus in His burial.  If we trust in Christ, that means that all we have done that is worthy of God’s wrath and judgment was also buried with Christ!  We are free from that body of sin.

Question of the Day:   Is there any sin from your past from which you desire to be set free?  How does faith in Christ make this freedom possible?

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