March 13a

Read:  John 17:1-26

I grew up in a great church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  When I was in sixth grade, I participated in our church’s confirmation program. This class was led by the Senior Pastor of the church, Dwight Darrah.  I always had a nice relationship with Dr. Darrah, but I never really realized the gift he had given me until later in life.  When I graduated from the University of Oklahoma (11 years after taking that confirmation class) Dr. Darrah let me know that he had been praying for me every week for the past 11 years that I would accept a call into the ministry.  I had no idea he  was praying for me all those years, but his prayers were a true gift – something I treasure to this day.  In John 17, we see Jesus praying for His disciples . . . and you and me (see John 17:20-26)!  Did you know Jesus prayed for you during the last few hours before the resurrection – we were on His mind!  We probably are aware of so many of the things that Jesus has done for us . . . but what an added blessing to know He is praying for us as well.  We have been on His prayer list for thousands of years!

Question of the Day: What is Jesus praying for His followers in these verses?

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