Art by Anna Cornwell
Art by Anna Cornwell

Read: John 16:25-33

Stonewall Jackson was a General in the confederate army during the U.S. Civil War.  He got his nickname because he would stand like a stone wall when enemy troops approached.  Jackson often pointed to his faith in God for the courage he demonstrated in battle.  It is rare in this world to find peace in the midst of great tribulation.  Because of our connection to Jesus, we can have peace – even if the circumstances around us are difficult.  Our peace comes from WHO we know, not from WHAT we are going through.  God gives us peace in the midst of tribulation by assuring us of at least three things: 1) God loves us.  (2) God will listen to us when we pray.  (3) Jesus has overcome the world, so what do we have to fear?

Question of the Day:  What in your life today is threatening “peace”?  How do Jesus words today encourage you in your time of trial?

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