March 11a
Art by Casey Massey

Read: John 16:16-24

Life is full of hard moments.  However, it is also full of wonderful moments.  Part of the challenge of living life is that we do not have a schedule that details when the next wonderful moment will come or how long the current hard time will last.  Without a program detailing the “order of service” we are left at times anxious and impatient.  For instance, a man who is laid off from his job can struggle (in part) because he does not know how long it will be until a new job is secured.  Jesus knew His disciples were soon facing a VERY difficult three days.  They would see Jesus die — and for three days He would lie in the tomb.  However, after three days, Jesus knew that the disciples would be overjoyed as they would discover that He was raised from the dead!  In John 16, Jesus lets His disciples know the program, so they might know what lay ahead.

Question of the Day:  What do you think it would have been like to be one of Jesus’ disciples during the 3 days between Jesus’ death and resurrection?

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