Feb 21
Art by Abigail Schuermann

Read:  Mark 12:41-44

How much does someone have to give in order to be generous?  $50?  $100?  $1,000?  $100,000?  Or is it a percentage of overall income . . . 5%?  10%?  15%?  25%?  Jesus helps us grasp an important principle about generosity as He comments on those who made a financial offering in Mark 12.  Some were giving “large sums” (12:41), while a widow gave one cent (12:42).  Jesus tells His disciples that this widow gave more than ALL.  How can one cent be greater than a “large sum”?  Jesus tells us . . . because she gave all she had out of her poverty, while others gave out of their wealth.  Jesus’ teaching here demonstrates that in God’s economy, generosity is relative.  Rather than setting the generosity bar at a number . . . or even a percentage . . . Jesus lets us know that generous hearts know no conventions or bounds.  The generous heart does not ask “how much do I have to give before I can keep the rest?”  Instead the generous heart freely gives as the Lord leads . . . even if (in some cases) it is all we have.  Systematic percentage giving is a great rule of thumb for beginning the process of generosity but sometimes God will surprise us with a prompt to give even more than would be culturally expected.

Question of the Day: What does having a generous heart look like in your life?

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