Art by Hazel Harrison
Art by Hazel Harrison

Read: Mark 12:38-40

Jesus saved His harshest criticism NOT for the “non-churched” people that society already deemed as sinners, but for the religious leaders who lived hypocritical lives.  In many cultures (and especially in Israel during the first century), religious leaders can gain cultural power and influence.  They can use that influence to point people toward God . . . or they can use that influence to accumulate privileges for themselves.  Apparently the Scribes of the first century were using their religious leadership to gain public accolade, fancy clothes, seats of honor, and fine foods . . . all while exploiting the weak and the vulnerable.  Even their prayers were more of a show for others than a sincere conversation with God. 

Question of the Day: How can you use the blessings and opportunities you have to serve others and point them to Jesus this week?

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