My view when I got Kimberly’s text! J did great at the Dentist.

On days when Kimberly has to have her lab work drawn, we must be at Integris Baptist Medical Center around 7:00 AM.  Since she had lab done twice this week, Kimberly, Josh, and myself have had two early morning adventures.  Believe it or not, it has been pretty fun!  We scoop Josh out of bed in his jammies, drive up to the hospital, have Kimberly’s lab work drawn, then all have breakfast together in the cafeteria.  For a family that can’t go out in public together right now (due to Kimberly’s immuno-suppression medications, she is not allowed in public places for a few weeks), these hospital trips have been our only family outings so we have made the most of them.

Today, Kimberly stayed to have an appointment with the surgeon after lab work.  I left her there to take Joshua to the Dentist while a friend was going to pick Kimberly up and take her home.  While waiting for Josh’s Dental appointment to be over, I texted Kimberly to see how her appointment went.  This is what she texted back, “Things look good, I’m about to call Dr. B to get trach removed, I can get lab in Norman wed morn and then drive myself here thurs.  Good appt!  (Labs looked good too).  I’m praying for you and Josh.”

What a great text message to receive for a variety of reasons:

  • The trach is coming out (great news on two fronts — no more trach AND surgeon does not think additional surgery is needed).
  • Lab in Norman means less time on the road to OKC.
  • Kimberly driving to her next checkup means she is cleared to drive, another sign of recovery from surgery.
  • Lab work good = kidney working well.
  • Praying for Josh and I = awesome . . . cavities being filled, so we needed it.


Thanks for praising God with us for this great news!

6 thoughts on “A Text I Got From Kimberly . . .

  1. Mark & Kimberly, what a joy it has been for me to read your posts these past few weeks. Praise God all has gone well with the transplant (for Angie also). Kay & I exchanged Christmas cards until a few years ago, and since then I had lost track of you; the day of the surgery a mutual “mom” friend told me of the transplant. I have been one of many who has prayed with you through this journey. And you have been an example of faith in God in every step of the way. What a blessing for me to be on the outside looking in on the lives of two people whom I met when you were about 10 or 12 years old. 🙂 Mark, I recently listened to a sermon you preached a couple of years ago – and if I lived in Norman I would be at your church! Seeing pictures of both of you & little Josh has been so fun. I know that you have people all over the world praying for you, and just wanted you to know that you can count me as one of them. Thanks for sharing your story – and your faith.
    Jeanette Stoltz (Teri’s mom)

  2. Thrilled about this news!!! Praise God! We love reading your updates and continue to pray for the sweet Robinson family.

  3. I’m so thankful for the great news for Kimberly. I’m so happy for all of you. To God be the Glory! It will be fun to hang out with you guys again.

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