Science does not kill my faith in God, it inspires it. I realize that the presuppositions I bring to the table because of my faith in Jesus point me to certain conclusions about the existence and nature of God, but as I hear doctors describe the human body, I can’t help but praise God for His intelligent design.

Today, we went to the doctor for our first of many post-surgical follow-ups to make sure Kimberly’s transplanted kidney is working well and her body is not rejecting it. All blood work came back great! As a friend of mine reminded me today, it has been probably 30 years since Kimberly had a blood work score that came back “good” and within “normal” ranges. The transplant seems to be working perfectly! As we got this info from the incredible team of docs serving us up at Integris, we also dialogued a bit with them about what to expect over the next few months. One of the issues Kimberly is dealing with right now is a low level of Phosphorus. This was a surprise to us because for the past eight months, we have been trying our best to limit Kimberly’s Phosphorus intake because her failing kidneys could not process it well. The doctors told us that when a person’s kidneys are not doing well, and someone’s phosphorus levels get high, the para-thyroid kicks in and works overtime, telling the body to eliminate the extra phosphorus. This is a safety valve God built into our bodies as a backup if our kidneys begin to fail. After someone has a transplant, it takes as long as 4-6 months for the para-thyroid to calm down . . . therefore, with a fully functioning kidney and a hyper active para-thyroid, your body does more than eliminate excess phosphorus, it begins to eliminate needed levels as well! Therefore, a high phosphorus diet or supplements are required during this “reset” period. That may sound like medical mumbo jumbo to some, but it reminded me of the greatness of our God and the perfection of His design. Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I did not even know I had a para-thyroid, yet it serves a very important job in my long term health!

Also, today I was reminded again about the beauty of the Body of Christ and God’s intelligent design of how His people work together on this earth. Over the past few weeks, we have been blessed in so many ways by so many fellow believers . . . members of His Body. The love shown us has been a visible demonstration of the hands and feet of Christ to us. Some big thank yous go out to:

  • Friends who helped us take a fun vacation last spring before all this started, and other friends who helped Kimberly and I spend a night in OKC the week before transplant. Thank you!
  • Angie donating her kidney to save Kimberly’s life. Thank you!
  • My sister/brother-in-law/nieces and parents who have been watching Josh during the past week and through this next week allowing our house to be quiet and Josh to have fun during this surgery season. This has been a tremendous blessing. Thank you!
  • Kimberly’s mom and step-dad who have been helping care for Angie during her recovery. Thank you!
  • Kevin’s (Angie’s husband) support throughout this entire process. So generous and helpful. Thank you!
  • Kevin’s sister and brother-in-law, and their next door neighbor who helped watch Kevin and Angie’s kids while they were in OKC for surgery. Thank you!
  • Dozens of family and friends who sat with us at the hospital during surgery, checked in with us afterwards, and have offered to help in so many way. Thank you!
  • Dr. Williams and his great staff for taking care of Kimberly for so many years and referring her on to transplant in time.  Thank you!
  • Dr. Buyten who has gone the extra mile in helping us through the trach process . . . twice now.  Thank you!
  • The many, many people around the world who have been praying for us over the past two weeks. It has blown us away. Thank you!

And many, many other things we could be thankful for. Heavy loads are easily lifted by either very strong people, or many helping hands. In this case, we have had both: the strong back of our Savior lifting the load and His hands and feet (you all) adding your support. We are very blessed. His Body is truly beautiful and intelligently designed. Trials do not kill my faith in God, they inspire it.

3 thoughts on “The Body is Amazing

  1. Great post. Great medical lesson and great list of thank yous!

  2. This is a subject that’s been on my mind a lot lately. My wife (a Ph.D. in microbiology, working in an immunology lab) and myself (M.D.) are continually amazed / appalled by so-called scientists who denounce the existence of God based on their “knowledge” of the world we live in. Science is simply the study of God’s creation. It does not stand on its own. Want to believe in the “Big Bang Theory”? OK, but where did the big bang come from? (at some point you have to have faith in something, I happen to think God makes the most sense!)

    Many scientific laws refute the very theories we put forth. Take evolution – many people want to use this theory to “disprove” God, because creation and evolution couldn’t both have happened, right? But, one of the basic laws of chemistry (which can be extrapolated to other scientific endeavors) is that a system left to itself will go from a condition of order to one of disorder (this can be shown equally well by observing gas molecules or first graders). Subsequently, if evolution is true, it actually argues more for the presence of God / intelligent design than against, because there must be some sort of outside influence for simpler organisms to advance to more complex organisms.

    Your post just gave me a reason to expound on that. Thanx!

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