Hello friends.  Tonight, I want to try something different.  I know that many of you are reading these updates and faithfully praying for the requests placed herein.  We are so thankful for that!  Tonight, however, I wonder (if you are comfortable) if you would comment on this post by typing out a short prayer to God regarding this situation.  I say this in order to have a virtual prayer meeting with all who are still up this evening.

In my life, I learned to pray largely through prayer meetings held in David and Hazel Kirchman’s living room, prayer meetings in the Lambda Chi house in college, and Wednesday night prayer meetings at Wildwood.  Hearing my brothers and sisters in Christ pray has taught me so much about how to communicate with our heavenly Father.  I know so many are praying on their own . . . let’s try it collectively this evening.

Some specific prayer requests:

  • Pray for continued kidney function for Kimberly and Angie with no set-backs.  Things are going well in this area now, pray that they continue.
  • Pray for both Kimberly and Angie’s digestive tracks to get back in order after major surgeries last week.
  • Pray for no infections or complications.
  • Pray that Kimberly would not experience any rejection of the new kidney.
  • Pray for Kimberly’s trach, that there would be no problems with it and that it would be able to be removed soon.
  • Pray for Kimberly’s overall health.  She is on heavy immuno-suppression medication.  Pray that she does not catch any illnesses.
  • Pray for full healing for both Kimberly and Angie from surgery.
  • Pray for Angie’s children and our Josh that they would do well during the time of their mommy’s recovery.
  • Pray for Kevin and I as we help our wives through the recovery.
  • Pray for Kimberly’s parents and my parents who are at work helping us in big ways through the recovery.
  • Pray for God to receive glory and praise through this endeavor and that we would all know Him more as a result of this season of life.

There you go!  Thanks for praying!

Dear Lord, thank you for all You are doing at this time in our lives.  We pray your continued work in protecting Kimberly and Angie during their recoveries . . . In Jesus name, Amen.

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting (8/7/12)

  1. In addition to yours, we are also praying for the children, Josh, Connor, Daniel and Emma. That our Lord will protect them and blesses them and keep them safe. And for the reunion they will have with their moms soon.

  2. Dear Lord, we pray for a speedy recovery for Kimberly, Angie and their families. In Jesus Name we pray…Amen

  3. Hey Mark. Thanks for inviting me to your prayer meeting! Doug

    Father in Heaven, may you keep taking the glory from these extraordinary events in the Robinson family.

  4. Father, I join this family in prayer for healing, for strength, and for peace and rest. Thank you, Father, for all that You have done and I pray that Kimberly & Angie will grow stronger every day as they recover from their surgeries.

  5. Lord, we pray for Kimberly and Angie that their kidneys will continue to function properly with no complications or set back. Amen.

  6. Dear Lord, please continue to guide the doctors and medical staff as they continue to treat Kimberly and Angie during their follow up appointments.

  7. Dear Father God, you have heard Mark’s heart as he asked us to pray for Kimberly and her sister. We praise you Father for the miracles of this past week. We agree in prayer with Mark and all those praying for these precious sisters and KNOW you have heard our prayer and will answer. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

  8. Father, thank you for all the events in our lives that teach us that we can completely trust you and that draw us closer to you than perhaps we’ve ever been. Thank you for being a God that cares about our every pain, fear and joy. Please, dear Lord, bring full healing to both Kimberly’s and Angie’s body. Take away the pain and help their bodies to regain strength and health. Thank you for how you have held both of them through every step of this. Thank you, Father, for husbands who love, care for and help nurse their wives back to health. Give them wisdom and endurance as you work in and through them also. May the glory be all yours now and forever. Amen.

  9. Lord God, we are so thankful for all you have done to preserve Kimberly’s life and health through the provision of a kidney through Angie’s sacrifice. Thank you for both surgeries having gone so well and for the continued healing of Angie and Kimberly. We ask for protection for their bodies and minds and specifically for the transplant to be 100% successful. We ask that all involved and all watching would draw closer to You because of this event. That you would be glorified and made known and we would all be more like You because of this.

  10. Father God, I ask you to to continue to bring healing, and comfort, and peace to Kimberly & Angie, Mark & Kevin, and their families. I know you have been beside them and You have heard all the prayers on their behalf, but please be with each one of them as they go forward and continue to hold them in your arms. Amen.

  11. Thank you, Lord, for the way that you love and know Kimberly, for your hand in her creation, and the way you have foreseen and purposed this surgery in her life. You have known this day, each one before, and each to come since before she was born, and we can trust you with your plans for her, for Angie, and for their families. Thank you, Lord, for sustaining Kimberly’s life in this amazing way!

  12. Lord, thank you for the ability to join together in prayer in this way and to follow how you are working. We thank you for your faithfulness and your care of Kimberly & Angie. You are fully sovereign and we pray for continued recovery for each of them and pray for the families involved. Thank you so much!

  13. Dear Lord,
    We come to you with grateful hearts that you are such a good and merciful God. You have provided so much and we are so thankful. We ask, Lord, that you would continue to bring healing to both Kimberly and Angie. We ask that you would strengthen their bodies and allow their digestive tracks to work completely the way you designed them. Lord, we ask for Kimberly’s body to completely receive the new kidney with no complications and that her trach can be removed soon. Lord, keep her from any illness or infection. Father, these families have sacrificed so much and are working so hard and we know they are tired. Lord, would you fill them with new strength? Will you cause them to work in this labor of love without feeling pressure and stress? Will you fill their children’s hearts, too, so that they are not missing their mommy’s and daddy’s during this time of healing? Allow this time to be a time where they all feel your presence even more. You are so good – and we know you are so pleased with Angie’s sacrifice as well as the sacrifices of so many who love them. You are also so pleased with all the glory being shown to You. We are so thankful, Lord, that you are carrying them through this. Please continue Lord to meet their every need and allow them to hear your voice in fresh and new ways. Amen.

  14. Lord, we all are so thankful for how you have divinely brought this very moment about – how you (via 0the vessel of Angie), provided a kidney, how you are now knitting these bodies back together. We pray that everyone involved in this will trust in your goodness and provision – particularly through the emotional and physical ups and downs during this healing process. Specifically, I pray for (1) the children involved – that they will be able to look back on these days and see how YOU have worked in their mom’s lives – that these times will be a monument of your provision (2) that Kimberly and Angie’s pain will diminish quickly (3) that there will be no rejection of the kidney (4) that all the caretakers will rest in your grace and that they will know that YOU will provide what they need to continue their caretaking.

  15. Psalm 105:
    1Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
    make known among the nations what he has done.
    2 Sing to him, sing praise to him;
    tell of all his wonderful acts.
    3 Glory in his holy name;
    let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
    4 Look to the Lord and his strength;
    seek his face always.
    Thank you Lord for the miracle of medicine! You have unlocked secrets of the body and we praise you for all that you have done to begin to heal Kimberly and Angie’s bodies. We ask for more, more healing, more rest, more digestion, more energy. We lift up the little ones in the family and pray everyone can be reunited soon and that you would supernaturally prepare each child to adjust to a slowed down life for a little while. Give Kimberly, Mark, Kevin, and Angie everything they need for TODAY!

  16. Heavenly Father, what a privilege to join others in prayer – “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20). We thank you for your presence tonight and your presence with the Robinson’s over the past week. We rejoice in your provision for Kimberly and pray that you will continue to provide healing to her body, specifically her kidney and trach site, Lord. We ask for protection against any illness or infections and for full healing for Kimberly and Angie. Please give Mark and Kevin, and others involved in their care, your perfect peace and strength. Protect Josh and his cousins and give them peace and easy transition back to their “normal” lives soon. May your glory be seen by many in the upcoming days and weeks through the Robinsons! Amen.

  17. Lord, thank you for the amazing blessings you have already given, and we just pray that you will continue to bring healing and recovery. Also Lord that you would strengthen and refresh everyone involved as things move forward. You are so good God, thank you!

  18. Heavenly Father, We lift Kimberly, Mark, Angie, and Kevin up and pray for healing, health, continued recovery, and support. You are the creator and physician, and may they feel Your power, strength, compassion, and support as they continue through this journey. You are amazing, and we thank you for the opportunity to witness Your hand and providence at work. May they feel Your presence throughout this process in a very real way. We praise You and thank You for never leaving us and promising to be with us always.

  19. Thank you LORD for all that you have done this past week to bring healing and restoration to the earthly bodies of Kimberly and Angie. I am reminded of the many people that you healed by your word or a touch of your hand. When asked if you were “willing,” your response was “of course I am willing.” We bring these requests before you as we unite as one body of believers. We come together in spirit and ask in your Holy name for your healing power to come upon these two ladies and their families. LORD, you know every intricate detail of their situation. We ask you for many specific requests, but we know that you are well aware of them all. Please come now and release your healing spirit upon them. May you be glorified through this! AMEN
    Love you guys!

  20. Dear Lord, Please be with this family during this time. Please comfort them and provide strength and healing to the ones in need. Lord, place your hands on them and heal them so that your glory can be shown through all of this. Lord, in your sons name we place our requests…we love you Lord, thank you for hearing us. Amen.

  21. Well, it is morning in Budapest when I got this:). Praying with you all. Jesus, would you allow both Kimberly and Angie’s digestive tracts to get back on schedule. Would you make sure that their are no setbacks to all the success of these surgeries and would you give comfort, strength, and patience in the healing process to all that need it. Praying in your Glorious name, Jesus, Amen. -Jeff and Kristen Hannam

  22. Lord please hear the words of Mark and Darrell. Lord grant Angie and Kimberly the patience necessary to become well again soon. Most of all Lord attach yourself to all those who have been following Mark, Angie, and Kimberly on their journey. Make yourself known to those who do not know you so that they may have ever lasting life. Lord please grant healing to others in need of healing. May others know the joy of your healing powers.

  23. Father, Praise your Holy Name. The honor and glory is all yours. Thank you for the beautiful testimony of Mark, Kimberly and family and what you are doing in the lives of so many. Praying Lord that those who do not know you will have eyes and ears to see and hear and believers will be drawn closer to you. Protect this precious family as you continue to heal and bring your strength to them through the Holy Spririt. In Christ’s Holy Name, Amen. Dan and Maxine

  24. Our Dearest Heavenly Father, we humbly come before you with grateful hearts for all that You have accomplished thus far in the lives of these families. We look to you as Creator and Sustainer of all to continue this healing process. Thank you for your great love for all involved and continue to provide Your peace that passes all understanding. To You be all the honor and glory. In Jesus Name, Amen ~ Dave and Frances Sabatini

  25. Dear Loving Heavenly Father,

    We thank you for your deep love for Kimberly, Mark, Angie and their entire family. We thank you for the way you have already answered so many prayers. We thank you for giving great wisdom and discernment to the surgeon, exhibited especially in the way he noticed and removed a potentially dangerous blood clot. We thank you for guarding over Kimberly and Angie, keeping them from infection. We ask Holy Spirit that you would complete the good work that you have started in Kimberly and Angie’s bodies. Let them make a full and quick recoveries. Let it happen in such a way that your mighty name will be glorified. Let people see your power at work not only in their bodies, but in their emotions and spirits as they recover. In the authority you give us, we command that a supernatural hedge of protection be placed around their bodies, to keep them from infection, and also around their hearts and minds, to keep them in perfect peace as they go through the recovery process. We thank you that you are a healing God (Psalm 103: 2-4) and that you love to heal. We pray that Kimberly not only makes a full recovery, but that her body be stronger and healthier than ever before. We thank you for the beautiful expression of your love that has manifested through Angie’s sacrificial offering of her own kidney, and Mark’s loving care for his wife, and we ask that their testimony become a powerful tool to draw more people into your loving arms. Amen.

    With love,

    David & Jayne Ann Harder

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