Well . . . another day is moving along.  I have been able to see and talk to both girls today, so here are a few updates:

Angie is still recovering well.  She is still in pain from the surgery, so please pray that she continues to feel better every hour.  Otherwise, things are going normal and well with her.  She will be in the hospital at least one more day.

Kimberly is still in ICU, but her kidney is doing great!  Her urine output has been good and her creatinine has gone down over four points in the first 36 hours since transplant.  Praise!

Kimberly’s heart rate and blood pressure are fairly elevated right now, and have been for the past couple of hours.  Pray that these return to normal ranges soon, and that the docs can understand the right medications to get things situated.  Also pray that the docs would be able to tell if any of her recent problems (with heart rate and blood pressure) are due to more internal bleeding.  They are doing some more tests right now to check and see.

Thanks for joining us in prayer.  I’ll write more when I know more.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 11:30 Update (8/1/12)

  1. Praying for the doctor’s insight and for Berly’s body to thrive with the new kidney. Thanks for the updates.

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