Kimberly’s dinner tonight . . . the first non-renal diet meal in over six months!

Well, it is 5 PM on Tuesday.  Though my last update was only two hours ago, I wanted to share a few highlights in bullet form so that my friend Courtney might read it and enjoy it 🙂  :

  • Kimberly passed her swallow test and has been cleared to take oral pain medication (which should help) and eat dinner.  The dinner she got to eat was her first that was not a part of a “renal diet” in over six months!  Potato soup and chocolate pudding never tasted so good.
  • Kimberly’s doc got to look at the results of the ultrasound and blood work and feels that the bleeding has not gotten worse today and is not obstructing the new kidney in any way.  The new kidney is doing great!  Praise God.
  • Please also pray that Kimberly can take good deep breaths.  This will help with her lungs post-surgery, but it is painful and tough with the trach and the incision.
  • Angie got to come down to visit Kimberly this afternoon in a wheel chair.  This was the first time they had seen each other since just before they wheeled  Angie back for surgery yesterday morning.  It was simply awesome to see them talking together.  Made my heart leap.
  • Angie is experiencing more pain and nausea.  Please pray that she gets to feeling better soon.  Also pray that all her body systems will begin to work normally again after surgery.
  • Kimberly is still in pain also, and both she and Angie need some rest.  Please pray that they would both get good rest tonight.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support.  God is good and He is at work in our neck of the woods.

More updates as things develop. . .

14 thoughts on “Dinner Time Update (7/31/12)

  1. So excited for you that you got to have potato soup and chocolate pudding! Praying for you!

  2. Thanks for the updates – we’re praying for you guys! Ashley and Kenton

  3. Courtney read the entire blog and thought the bullet points were very effective!

  4. So glad to hear the progress but will continue thoughts and prayers for complete healing and NO more pain!!!

  5. Keep the updates coming! Continued prayers for healing, rest, and to keep your faith strong!

  6. So happy to hear things are going well for Kimberly. We’re praying for comfort and recovery!

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated! Praising God along with you and continuing to pray.

  8. Yippee Skippee on the good news, and how much did Courtney give you to be mentioned tonight? I am so happy to hear this Mark, thank you for taking the time to communicate with us “over-communicators” who love info. Tell Kimberly Hi and that we love her!

  9. So happy to hear a bit about what is going on with these two sweet girls…they may not remember me, perhaps my children, Kathleen and Justin. I will contnue to wish them better every day to come! Susan Hensley

  10. Thank you so much for the updates, Mark. Feel blessed to be part of the hoards praying for you. What a joy for us all to praise God together for the way He’s working thru this situation.

  11. The whole gang has been thinking and praying for you, We were able to get alittle info yesterday & were very happy and grateful to hear that you both were doing well but of course we knew it would go well! Please enjoy your new found “friend” food. All of us here in the office are cheering for you. See you soon.

    Sherrie & her Side Kicks

  12. Soooo glad to hear great news about the ultrasound. Will keep praying every day for recovery!

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