Wildwood exists to glorify God by shining as LIGHT in our homes, our community, and the world (Matthew 5:14-16).  As we begin 2010, would you join us in prayer, trusting God with accomplishing His mission through us this year?  This first week of the year, we are dedicating each day to prayer for a different aspect of ministry.  Today, we are highlighting prayer for our world . . . specifically praying for Wildwood’s ministry partners around the world.  Please use this as a prompt in prayer today!

Since some of our ministry partners work in sensitive areas around the world, I am only going to place the first names of our partners (and only listing one spouse if married).  Please pray for them that God would encourage them, strengthen them, and bless their ministry as they share Christ with another part of the world.

  • Jeff
  • Kevin
  • Kermit
  • Rob
  • Alan
  • Phil
  • Matthew
  • Emily
  • Talis
  • Chris
  • Todd
  • John
  • Shawn
  • Curt
  • Abby
  • Christy
  • Judite
  • David
  • Chase
  • Ryan
  • Kat
  • Also, pray for LKR Christian Radio in Latvia (The radio station where Pastor Bruce’s messages are broadcast weekly.)

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