This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 9: This is Wildwood! For the Church with Laura and Sarah
Naomi Reyes with Laura Horstkoetter and Sarah Marcus

At Wildwood, we are FOR THE CHURCH following Jesus together to the glory of God.   By this, we mean that we desire Wildwood members to develop and mature in their faith TOGETHER.  We do not have many congregations here, but one congregation, where many generations follow Jesus together.  On today’s episode, we hear how two Wildwood members are experiencing life in the multi-generational church through the “Adopt-a-Sooner” program.  To tell this story, we are joined by College Ministry Associate Naomi Reyes,  and Wildwood members Laura Horstkoetter and Sarah Marcus.

If you would like more information about:

  • Wildwood’s College Life website, click here.
  • Wildwood’s College Life Facebook, click here.
  • Wildwood’s College Life Instagram, click here.
  • More info about Adopt-a-Sooner, click here.
  • More questions?  Contact Naomi Reyes at or 405-329-3939.

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