This is Wildwood
This is Wildwood
Episode 10: This is Wildwood! Following Jesus into Worship with the Worship Team
Some of Wildwood’s Worship Team after practice one Wednesday night.

We believe that one of the ways that God grows our faith in Him and our love for others is through worship.  Worship Pastor Greg Hill summarizes a definition of worship as, “Responding to all that God is with all that we are.”  This includes so many aspects of our relationship with Him – including obedience, giving, etc. . . . but it certainly includes singing.  At Wildwood, we are so blessed to have a worship team that devotes hours each week to lead us into worship together.  On today’s episode, we get to hear from a number of the members of this worship team – including Pastor Greg Hill, Susan Storm, Adam Shockley, and Diane Nutt – about how worship plays a big role in their lives.


  • To see Wildwood’s Spotify playlist with links to songs we sing each week, click here.
  • To get access to song lists, lyric previews, etc. for Sunday singing, join MyWildwood and sign up for the “Sunday Worship” group by clicking here (and following the prompts).
  • To inquire about serving on the worship team, contact Pastor Greg Hill at or 405-329-3939.

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