What is the last thing you really celebrated?  I mean what was the last moment that brought you to your feet and compelled you to cheer?  Perhaps it was at a friend’s wedding when the Pastor pronounced them “husband and wife.” Maybe it was at a football game when your linebacker tackled their tailback for a loss on fourth and 1.  Or it might have been when you got a call from a loved one  who reported the biopsy had tested negative for cancer.  What do you celebrate?

Well if you are looking for another reason to celebrate, I invite you to Wildwood Community Church this Sunday, November 19 in our 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 services where we will be celebrating something amazing together … the existence of our great God and His love and faithfulness to us.

The backdrop of this Thanksgiving service will be Psalm 100 (read it this week in preparation!), but added to that will be the water baptism of 13 people who will be telling their story of the Lord’s work in their lives.  What. A. Blessing.

As is our norm, on baptism Sundays, we do not offer children’s ministry, student ministry, college ministry, or adult classes on these baptism Sundays … giving us the chance to be “all in” together to stand on our feet and (like the Psalmist) make a joyful noise to the Lord.  See you Sunday!

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