Ambassadors are representatives of a country living a long way from home.  Embassy’s are locations where the values and interests of another land are demonstrated on otherwise foreign turf.  Right now, American Ambassadors to Sudan are negotiating the release of American citizens in this war torn region … and at the U.S. Embassy in England on July 4, someone who light a sparkler and cook a few hot dogs celebrating American Independence from … ENGLAND!  Ambassadors and Embassies play important roles in the world as we know it.

With this set of observations and definitions, CHRISTIANS … let me remind you of something:  THIS WORLD IS NOT YOUR HOME.  Right now, we are (as Hebrews 11:14-15 implies) “strangers and exiles on the earth.”  Our true home is not Oklahoma (or even America).  This may be where we live, but it is not what most defines us.  We are living in a land “far from home.”

The true home of the Christian is heavenly not earthly.  Our true identity is “in Christ” not “in skin color,” “in gender,” or “in socio-economic status.”  What MOST DEFINES US is not what the world sees, but what God says.  We are not who we used to be … from the moment we have trusted in Christ, the old “us” was crucified with Jesus … and a new “us” is raised to newness of life!  We are not (ultimately) an ethnicity, gender, nationality, or member of a particular political party.  In Christ, we are something far greater, connected to a home that is far grander, and identified with Someone who is far more glorious.  We are children of God, made new in Christ, and living far from our heavenly home. 

So why are we here on earth, and what are we to do while we are here?  Well, we are to be AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST … representing Him before those we interact with.  And, if we are AMBASSADORS, then our churches are “EMBASSIES” where the values of Home are lived out for all to see on this foreign soil.

Remembering this perspective can help keep us going in our lives as “strangers and exiles.”  This Sunday at Wildwood Community Church, we will be looking at 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 in part 4 of our “Mission: Endure” sermon series, as we see what it means to live into our duties as AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST all the days of our lives.  Make plans to worship with us Sunday at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 … and bring friends!

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