Have you ever made a financial decision you regret?  A decision painful enough to make you wish you had a time machine to go back and worn “former you” what lay on the other side of that decision/purchase/investment?

I have.  Sadly a few times.

I once bought a used car that within 3 months of ownership was identified to have more $ of repairs needed than I had paid for the car initially!  What a disaster!  And then there was my first “investment” in a Mutual Fund when I bought a “can’t miss” portfolio that popped in the Tech Bubble.  Sure, neither of these things were THAT expensive (the car was not that awesome to begin with and the amount I “invested” in my late twenties was laughably slim) but looking back, I wish I had stayed away from both.

How about you … can you relate?  A house that was a money pit?  A business venture that went south?  A timeshare that was a money suck?

Living in this world carries with it a number of “mandatory” expenses, or things that are dictated to us by life and culture … things like taxes, medical bills, and the rising price of groceries.  The resources we manage already feel crimped by the things outside our control … so we HATE IT, when the things inside our control go up in smoke.

This feeling of financial regret is often-times magnified when investigated through the lens of our walk with Christ.  Over the past two weeks at Wildwood we have seen that “God owns it all” and “We are called to manage His resources.”  How are we to respond TODAY in light of the financial regrets of our YESTERDAYS as we follow Christ?

Well, this Sunday, we will look to the ultimate TOMORROW to help us make the right investments TODAY with God’s resources He has entrusted to us to manage.

Join us this Sunday, March 26 at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 at Wildwood Community Church for the conclusion to our series, “In God We Trust:  3 Thoughts about God and Money.”  We will look at Luke 16:1-13 and select verses from Matthew 6 to see our third thought about God and Money – “Invest His resources in light of eternity.”

See you Sunday … and bring friends!

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