Every day there are a number of assets that I manage. It is actually quite a generous portfolio. These resources are not mine, but are mine to manage. What does this collection include?

*  I am not an investment banker, but this portfolio does include money.
*  I am not a real estate broker, but it does include property.
*  I am not an auto dealer, but it does include transportation.
*  I am not an event planner, but it does include time.
*  I am not famous, but it does include relational connection and influence.
*  I am not the most talented person around, but it does include gifts and skills.

Every day, I wake up on this planet, I tend to these resources, and attempt to steward them in the manner that their owner would desire. Hundreds of dollars and square feet, thousands of minutes and relationships, several skills and a few vehicles have all been entrusted to my care by their true owner.

This is not unique to me. You also manage a similar portfolio daily of resources that are owned by another.

Who is that Owner? Well, if you were at Wildwood last Sunday for the start of our new sermon series, you heard from 1 Chronicles 29:1-16 that Jesus Christ is the rightful Owner of All Things. This means that our salary, our stuff, our calendar, our skills, and our influence is not REALLY OURS … but are actually God’s. By His grace and mercy He has entrusted into our care some of His things, with the hope that we would manage it for His glory and honor.

Your time, talent, and treasure are actually His. Though He has entrusted different amounts to each of us, the objective is the same. So how can we be a good steward of His resources? We will look at that this Sunday morning at Wildwood in our 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 sermon series in part 2 of our series – “In God we Trust: 3 Thoughts about God and Money.” Last week we saw that God owns it all. This week we will discuss our role as stewards of His portfolio.

See you Sunday … and bring friends!

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